User Policy (Terms and Conditions)

Last Updated: 03/09/2023


Sakan International General Trading Company (referred to as "Sakan" or "the platform" or "we") owns and operates the Sakan platform (the website and the Sakan application available on Apple, Android, and Huawei stores, and social media accounts under the name "Sakan Online"). Its purpose is to allow users of the Sakan platform to browse real estate listings. As a user of this platform (referred to as "the user" or "you"), you acknowledge that your use of this platform for any purpose, including conducting transactions ("use/utilization") is subject to the terms and conditions outlined below, which include, but are not limited to, active links to other related sections such as the homepage, privacy policy, registration and login, about us, contact us, etc. (collectively referred to as "the terms").


We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Furthermore, any such changes will be effective on the day they are published on the Sakan platform (please review the date at the top of the page). Therefore, you should review the terms each time you use the platform. By logging into the Sakan platform, creating an account, or using the services provided by Sakan International, you agree to comply with the terms. If you do not agree with all or some of the terms, please refrain from using the Sakan platform.


Terms and Conditions for Using the Sakan Platform:


General Terms

  1. Users must comply with the provisions of Islamic law in all information entered, whether in real estate listings or user/member data. Any violation of this may lead to the deletion of the listing and the possible suspension of the account.

  2. Registration on the platform is considered an official authorization from the user to publish their property on the Sakan platform, thus committing to not violating the publishing laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  3. Agreements or commercial transactions (sale, purchase, rental, etc.) between the parties involved in the transaction (the user and the advertiser) are conducted based on the type of subscription without any responsibility on the part of the Sakan platform.


The Sakan platform is not responsible for:

  1. Any real estate listing that lacks credibility.

  2. Any property with inaccurate or misleading information.

  3. Any property containing inappropriate images.

  4. Violations of the rights of any other party.

  5. Copying, modifying, or publishing another person's content without their explicit consent.

  6. Using other people's personal information without their explicit consent.


User Account Registration Terms

  1. Only valid and active mobile phone numbers are accepted during registration; landline or international phone numbers are not accepted.

  2. Users must specify their user type (owner/representative, company/real estate office).

  3. Users must enter their personal username or business name; inappropriate names or mysterious characters are not allowed.

  4. Users must choose a strong password to protect their account; we are not responsible for its weakness or others' ability to use or breach it.

  5. Users have the right to change their mobile phone number after registration by contacting us to verify the new number.

  6. Ensure that accurate data is entered and regularly updated.

  7. In case of a breach of these user account registration terms, the account's activity will be terminated if the provided data does not comply with the mentioned terms, and therefore, all property listings posted on the account will be suspended.


Property Listing Terms on the Sakan Platform

If a user adds a property, the following conditions must be met for it to be accepted on the Sakan platform:

  1. Specify the type of service (for rent/for sale) and the type of ownership (apartment/house/commercial/land/other) and the category.

  2. Mention the rental or sale price.

  3. Provide the address, including the province/region, city, and parcel number. In this case, users will see it as an approximate address. It is better to provide the address in detail by adding the street number, avenue, building, and plot so that the actual property address appears on the map.

  4. Provide at least 3 photos of the property.

  5. If the property is a commercial/investment building (shop, office, floor, basement, or warehouse), the building area (floor area) and land area must be mentioned. This applies only to land properties.

  6. If the property is a villa or house, the land area should be mentioned, and it is preferable to mention the built-up area as well.

  7. Clear and comprehensive property description through writing a description and selecting specifications from the system, such as the number of rooms, bathrooms, areas, and other relevant options depending on the property type.

  8. Adding links to websites or social media accounts to the user's profile is allowed but not on the property page.

  9. When adding any property, it is essential to categorize it accurately in terms of province, region, section, and sub-category, among others. Users must maintain credibility in all property data added.



Users are responsible for the accuracy of all property data and for complying with publishing laws and regulations.

Contact information entered (mobile phone number or email) will be published on the Sakan platform to enable other parties to contact and complete transactions. Therefore, the Sakan platform is not obligated to keep this information confidential, and the user bears full responsibility for it and the data filled out on the platform.

The English translation provided for the Arabic version of the terms and conditions is for reference only. In case of a conflict between the English translation and any other translation of these terms, the Arabic version remains the primary reference.

These are the main terms and conditions for using the Sakan platform. Users should carefully read and comply with these terms when using the platform.